1. Speed

AAA Trans provides fast delivery times, cargo collection throughout the whole Europe, modern GPS solutions that allow you to check the position of goods during transportation.

2. Stability

Any industry depends on reliability and stability of supply chains. They are the key factor and we can guarantee a strict control over each transportation. On our side, we will do everything possible to avoid even minimum downtime. Our top priority is continuous work of you production lines. Extensive and modern truck fleet allows us to pick up your cargo from any point of Europe and Asia within several hours.

3. Trucks

We guarantee reliable, fast and safe transportation of any cargo to any destination agreed with the customer. A variety of vehicles in the fleet allows us to deal with transportations of any type.

4. ADR-class cargos

Our drivers are well aware of the features of dangerous goods transportation. Personnel training in the field of ADR rules and standards guarantees professionalism and a high level of responsibility. We also have the necessary marking and all kinds of protective equipment for this kind of transportation.

The scope of services includes the transportation of all types of dangerous goods. If you have any questions, contact our specialists. Attention! We do not transport and radioactive materials.

5. High-Value Cargos

Taking into account special security measures, we transport high-value goods, including perfumes, alcohols and tobacco products. Due to the high theft level, during shipments of the above-mentioned goods, we pay special attention to safety along the entire route, constant monitoring of the cargo and planning the reliability of the entire workflow.

6. Pharmaceuticals

AAA Trans provides safe and secure transportation of pharmaceutical and medical equipment and drugs under the international standards. We do understand that such kind of goods are very vulnerable to external shocks and we aware of our responsibility for safety of the cargo.

7. Foodstuff

Our company also provides food transportation services. Thus trucks are equipped with refrigerators, we guarantee that all the required temperature conditions will be met. This means that the supply chain will in no way be interrupted. Modern GPS equipment and fully equipped vehicles allow you to constantly monitor and even record the temperature in trailers.

8. Special-purpose vehicles

Do you ever have problems with transportation of something really big? No more ones. We can provide you with such service. Transportation of oversized cargos is a service we are experts in. AAA Trans provides an individual approach to each of our clients, taking into account all the wishes about transportation. This means that every shipment is transported as safely and quickly as possible